It is the best time for shopping: take out your coupons

What are coupons? How are they important?

When I was in school, the first excitement that I used to have in December every year was the lottery coupons, game coupons and food coupons given to us before Christmas. They indicted a new and exciting world of prizes, games, activities and goodies. Afterwards, when I went to university, and considered myself more mature, then also, the value of coupons never decreased for me. Strictly speaking, a coupon is a ticket or a document that can be exchanged for a financial discount, or rebate, when you go to buy any market product. It is a trend that coupons are generally issued by manufacturers of sealed consumer goods, or else, retailers, to be used and circulated inside or outside the retail stores, as a part of sales promotion process.

Coupons are generally distributed through mails, social media like Orkut or Facebook, magazines, newspapers, internet, coupon envelopes and through the retailers also. Coupons tend to perform the function of creating discrimination in the price of a commodity enabling retailers to offer a lower price only to those consumers who can otherwise visit other departmental stores or product outlets. In government terms, a coupon is usually considered to be a certificate made of paper to administer a benefit or permission.

The historical use of coupons and the modern utility

In the year 1888, Asa Candler used paper coupons to the customers, along with free glasses of Coke, to promote his new soda. And the latest information is that the American government utilizes coupons to facilitate converter box sales for the digital television transition. There are different types of coupons available in the market, like the discount coupon, free shipping coupon, buy one get one, first time customers, free trial offers, launch offers, and the festival offers. It is generally assumed that purchasers who are interested in buying, saving or collecting coupons are sensitive about prices of items than those who do not register a marked interest in the coupons.

The year 1990 was very important in this respect because during this time, internet came into widespread use, and there was a huge generation of downloaded and printable coupons all across the globe. One recent study reveals that in the year 2002, Americans saved 3.8 billion dollars by shopping through the promotional coupons generated by various multinational companies.

The delivery methods for coupons – how do you get them at your doorsteps?

The coupons can be delivered through different sources, like national and international journals, books, magazines and newspapers. They can also be generated from numerous websites that give coupons regarding grocery items or baby products. Some particular grocery chains include the coupon in the loyalty card of their members, and the coupon booklets are distributed through various methods. An internet survey has come up with the outstanding fact that 76% of the customers utilize newspapers for cutting out the coupons of their choice, and they keep a regular track of the products and the available discounts on these.

Internet coupons can be called by various names such as ‘key codes’, ‘promo codes’, ‘surplus codes’, ‘voucher codes’, ‘shopping codes’ and ‘reward codes’. There can be other terns also but the main aim is the marketing of the product, a consumer durable, and the identification of the customer base and the product popularity.

Depending on the levels of jurisdiction, it can be decided whether coupons will or will not provide redemption from tax. It depends on the tax laws of the government and the retailer’s discretion.

But, according to my opinion, the welfare coupons are the best which provide you ample scope for social welfare and contributing to the people in distress. So buy a coupon keeping the welfare concept in mind.

What is the Sears coupon and how is it helpful? How can we get some benefit from it?

The trend of online shopping is gradually becoming a part and parcel of the larger scale of consumer culture, and the Sears coupon which has become a roaring success in America, has several functions and utility. The Sears coupon codes are available to all those people who love to avail great discount offers, special vouchers, promotional offers and other daily discount offers on items like gadgets, utensils, cooking appliances, watches, video and computer games, furnishings, jewelry, garments and a lot more. The Sears coupon code help the buyers to save a large amount on their expenditure, thereby making them earn profit from the product, and also the coupon. The Sears coupons are generally available on notable websites like Retailmenot and

For a general information, it should be noted that Sears coupons is a departmental store in America, from where buyers can avail reasonably-priced products from popular mass market brands like Kellogg’s, Heinz or other notable brands. The company first started its order of coupons as a mail order cataloguing business, but over the years, the business of generating the coupons has flourished to an enormous extent. Today, the business has expanded so much that the coupon codes and vouchers are available even for gardening or hardware products.

What is the experience of doing online shopping at Sears?

Online shopping through buying coupons at Sears is surely a great experience for the buyers and the coupons really encourage the buyers to buy new products, and in spite of great competition in the retail market, the Sears coupons are generally able to hold their position tight. They are the exclusive varieties which are generated date and time-wise, and if an individual can avail the perfect offer at the perfect time, then he/she will really be lucky.

The progress of e-commerce has been very fast with the dissemination of the Sears coupons at an alarming rate among the American individuals. The coupons can be downloaded or if a person registers through the mentioned websites, and searches for the promotional coupons, then he/she will see that the offers are often so good, that it is beyond their expectation. They can often get extra amount of discount on the purchase of products, and the discounts are provided over an already reasonable marked price. That is surely an added advantage. This is a trendy and smart way of shopping and the Sears coupons really transform buyers into ‘sensible’ purchasers, and the customers can combine savings from already discounted products and apply the coupon codes on top to enjoy additional savings.

How do we find the competitive retail landscape? How are the Sear coupons included in this?

It is a general trend of the competitive market that several coupon companies are fighting for the similar consumer products. But the Sears coupons are available all throughout the year, in Christmas, in New Year and during Easter and even on occasions like Mother’s Day, or Teacher’s Day. The special coupons are designed to mark these occasions as important for the benefit of the customers. Most importantly, during nationwide events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday the Sears coupons are generated which provide deeply discounted products, unlike most other retailers in the economic market.

The latest and the trendiest discounts available in the coupons are the 30%-50% off on suitable furnishings, women’s inner wear, mattresses, kitchen utility items, clothing and accessories, computers and electronics, grills and outdoor decorative items and a lot more. The best part is the free shipping option on some of the selected items on coupons.

So, we should take a chance this month and switch on to Sear’s coupons to avail heavy discount on our favorite products.

Discount coupons and their benefits in the retail market – why do you buy them?

Do you remember the last time you fought with your mom for that beautiful rain-dance party coupon which she did not allow you to download? Do you miss those moments of hurry when you completely disregarded the product launch coupons and later on found that there was 50% discount available on the items? You must not repent, because the craze for coupons is an everlasting one, and you can always avail coupons on different occasions, while buying different items. The popularity of digital coupons and coupons generator has increased manifold, and there has been a rise in the number of people redeeming digital coupons to about 11% in America only.

If you have not tried to use the coupons till now, you must start during the summer holidays

The circulation of digital coupons has been instrumental in understanding the consumer behavior on a large scale. The social networking that is generated through the use of these coupons can attract different groups of people, like mothers who go to send their children to school form a group, and coupons are distributed to create the effect of group circulation. Similarly, school going children are also given coupons from playstation companies or chips, burger or school accessories companies. The coupons are usually made colorful by printing multiple designs and the logo and the company name, to advertise and market a product.

The welfare mode is also important and not just business

There are certain fundraising companies which provide welfare coupons for people willing to donate something for poor children and people at old age homes. There are usually no tax-related complications regarding the dissemination of coupons, but the tax laws fall under the particular jurisdiction of a particular country.

Therefore, coupons are not just marketing strategies for companies, but also remarkable gifts for purchasers.